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1.  Body image before and after coronary artery bypass graft surgery
2.  Protective disciplinary exchange: a qualitative study into nurse managersí supportive strategies for nursing error management
3.  Development and psychometric evaluation of the Police Quality of Work Life Questionnaire
4.  Comparison of the Effects of Relaxation and Music Therapy on Anxiety before Angiography: A Randomized Clinical Trial
5.  Impacts of informal caregiving among the family caregivers of patients with schizophrenia: a qualitative study
6.  The effects of guided imagery on test anxiety among first-year nursing students: a randomized clinical trial
7.  Caregiver burden and the relating factors in mothers with Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder children in Iran
8.   Older adultsí barriers to use technology in daily life: A qualitative study
9.  Determining Nursing Research Priorities in Lao PDR: A Modified Delphi Study
10.  The effect of aromatherapy with Rosa damascene essence on post-operative pain in inguinal hernia repair: A randomized clinical trial
11.  The effects of traditional lecture and flipped classroom on learning, learning retention, and satisfaction among operating room students: a comparative study
12.  Comparison of the effect of sesame and almond oil on the incidence of Striae gravidarum
13.  Resilience and its Relationship with Exposure to Violence in Emergency Nurses
14.  Using chemical drugs and medicinal plants for symptom management among patients receiving chemotherapy
15.  Iranian nursesí experiences of their roles in care provision to the victims of child violence: a qualitative study
16.  Fear of falling and functional tests in older adults with diabetes mellitus
17.  The effects of telephone-based telenursing on perceived stressors among elderly people receiving hemodialysis
18.  Development and Validation of the Questionnaire of social responsibility in nurses
19.  COVID-19 related anxiety in nurses working on front lines in Turkey
20.  Excruciating care: experiences of care transition from hospital to home among the family caregivers of patients with spinal cord injury
21.  Barriers to the delivery of end-of-life care to home-dwelling elderly people: a qualitative content analysis
22.  The effectiveness of group-based reality therapy on general health of nursing and midwifery students in Iran
23.  The effects of role play simulation and demonstration on pediatric peripheral venous catheter insertion among nursing students: A three-group experimental study