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1.  Sin and suffering: pregnant womenís justifications for deciding on pregnancy termination due to beta-thalassemia major in southeast of Iran
2.  The use of honey and curcumin for episiotomy pain relief and wound healing: a three-group double-blind randomized clinical trial
3.  The effects of a multi-component fall prevention intervention on fall prevalence, depression, and balance among nursing home residents
4.  The effects of nursing ethics education through case-based learning on moral reasoning among nursing students
5.  Factors behind moral distress among Iranian emergency medical services staff: a qualitative study into their experiences
6.  The impacts of nursing staff education on perceived abuse among hospitalized elderly people: a field trial
7.  Healthcare providersí knowledge about prenatal screening: a study in the north of Iran
8.  Barriers to student research from the perspectives of nursing, health and medical sciences students: a cross-sectional study
9.  Comparison of nursesí and nursing studentsí attitudes towards care provision to opposite-gender patients
10.  Nursesí experiences of workplace violence in Kashan/Iran: A qualitative content analysis
11.  The effects of time use training on the level of stress among the mothers of female children with intellectual disabilities
12.  Development and psychometric evaluation of the Menopausal Self-Care Questionnaire in a sample of Iranian postmenopausal women
13.  Effectiveness of the Clinical Teaching Associate model in clinical nursing education
14.  Effect of Implementation of Intraoperative Care Documentation Forms on Number of Reported Errors in Operating Rooms of Two Hospitals in Isfahan, Iran
15.  Iranian nursesí perceptions of the conditions of the families with terminally-ill patients: family in limbo
16.  Association between Mastery and Income in White and African American Adults
17.  Assessing the effectiveness of an educational workshop designed to improve caring behaviors of midwives at public hospitals in Jordan
1.  The global prevalence of thrombocytopenia among pregnant women: a systematic review and meta-analysis