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1.  Iranian nurses’ experiences of their roles in care provision to the victims of child violence: a qualitative study
2.  Excruciating care: experiences of care transition from hospital to home among the family caregivers of patients with spinal cord injury
3.  Barriers to the delivery of end-of-life care to home-dwelling elderly people: a qualitative content analysis
4.  The effects of role play simulation and demonstration on pediatric peripheral venous catheter insertion among nursing students: A three-group experimental study
5.  The effects of education through role playing on self-concept among older adults
6.  The effect of motivational interview on puberty knowledge and practice among adolescent girls
7.  Effects of Shift Work and Effort–Reward Imbalance on Gastrointestinal Symptoms among Female Nurses
8.  Effectiveness of massage therapy on comfort and symptoms among female chemotherapy patients
9.  Clinical belongingness and its relationship with clinical self-efficacy among nursing students: a descriptive correlational study
10.  The effect of Curcumin ointment on the quality of life of older adults with knee osteoarthritis: A randomized placebo clinical trial
11.  The application of Oremæs Theory on Self-care Behaviors in the Old Women with Blood Hypertension: A randomized controlled trial
12.  The effects of one minute preceptor and problem based clinical educations on nursing students’ critical thinking
13.  The outcomes of humanistic nursing for critical care nurses: a qualitative study
14.  Comparing ginger hot compress with hot compress in terms of breast pain in breastfeeding women
15.  The effects of a care plan based on the Roy Adaptation Model on depression among nursing home residents
16.  Being with and for Mother: from Perceived Difficulties to Rebalancing the Mothering Role in Women with Breast Cancer
17.  Comparing the effects of education through compact disk and social media on knowledge and practice regarding the assessment of preterm infant behavior among nurses in neonatal intensive care units
18.  The effects of an interdisciplinary supportive educational program on anxiety among patients undergoing cataract surgery
19.  The effects of competency-based education on midwifery students’ knowledge, skills, and self-confidence for postpartum hemorrhage management
20.  Effect of Nurses Empowerment Program on Ethical Care in Patients with Decreased Level of Consciousness Hospitalized in ICUs
21.  Comparing the effects of face-to-face and video-based educations on hand hygiene knowledge and performance among mothers in neonatal intensive care unit: a randomized controlled trial
1.  Nursing students’ attitude toward the importance of patient privacy
1.  Job stress among Iranian nurses: A meta-analysis
2.  Job burnout in Iranian Nurses: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis